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Experience the Showa Retro world!
See it! Snap it! Play it!
School lunch can also be eaten!


Retro Museum


A new spot in Hida Takayama where you can enjoy a retro atmosphere like a set of Showa movies, a popular spot in Takayama that is a hot topic on TV. Really “See it”, “Snap it” and “Play it” a figure, magazine, poster, toy, game, showa retro pachinko, etc. It is an experience-type Showakan where you can enjoy. There is a candy shop at the entrance, full of old-fashioned sweets! You can feel the life and culture of Showa, such as elementary schools, the streets of Showa that were reproduced in real life, hospitals and barbers. Showa movie posters, old-time records, comics, and more are all exciting in the hall. You can also take interesting commemorative photos that make you feel like you've been back in time to the Showa Show. You can also eat school lunches such as Showa soft noodles and fried bread at the elementary school booth. Do you not eat nostalgic Showa lunch?

Time slip to the world of Showa!



Experience the Showa era for children and adults

An experience-based showa museum

The Hida Takayama Retro Museum is an indoor facility so you can enjoy it even in the rain. In addition, many Showa products can be actually touched and moved, and the Showa toys that small children can actually play are so playful that even adults forget their time without thinking. There are many things to play, and the long stay is 2 hours. It is characterized by the fact that you can See it!, Snap it!, Play it!, and enjoy retro-style objects, and enjoy not only exhibitions but also actual touches. You can also experience school lunches such as nostalgic soft noodles and fried bread at the elementary school booth.


1 minute walk from Nakabashi and the old town

A fun spot where children and young women enter 60%

Small children and younger generations can actually touch and play with toys and games from the Showa era that they have never seen or touched. You can also try making cotton candy with an automatic cotton candy machine, compete in video games, and enjoy various things from the Showa era in the building. When you enter the entrance, it is another world of the Showa era!


Let's play in the Showa retro world!


Free retro games


In the free game corner, you can also play Pac-Man, missile command,Galaga retro games and smart balls for free.


Paid retro games


You can play a table-type retro game for 100 yen. There are lots of games played in childhood such as Space Invader, Galaxyan, QIX, head-on and Pachinko and Piccadilly Circus games that can be enjoyed for 10 yen!


Retro Pachinko corner


In the Showa era pachinko shop, you can play precious nostalgic pachinko from the Showa era to the early Heisei era for free. * No prize exchange
Fuji Shoji Allezin (appeared in 1991)
Fever Flash I (appeared in 1990)
Fever Attack GP (appeared in 1992)
Master Climb 2 (appeared in 1993)
Mercury (appears in 1980)
Super combi (appeared in 1982)
Daido missile 7-6-6D (appeared in 1996)
Pop culture (appeared in 1993)
Blue Angel I (appeared in 1986)
The Nagoya (appeared in 1993) 

Retro slot corner


In the retro slot corner, you can play precious nostalgic slots from the early Heisei era for free. * No prize exchange
Thunderbird 3 (Appeared in 2003)
Thunder V (appears in 1997)
Pink Panther (appeared in 1995)
Juggler Girl (2003 model)
Slot Galaga (appeared in 2019)
Dragon HanaHana (appeared in 2015)




This is the front of the Hida Takayama Retro Museum. Many signboards are exciting.




Large movie signs and signs are also displayed along the Miyagawa River behind. There is a bench in the back so you can use it for a break.


Candy shop


When you enter the entrance, you will find a large Showa era building (a candy shop), which is another world. There is a cat on the roof and the laundry is dried up.


Reception counter


A reception counter inspired by the movie theater of the Showa era. You can purchase admission fees and school meals here. Large luggage and baby strollers can also be stored.


Elementary school in the Showa era


An elementary school in the Showa period that was reproduced with blackboards, wooden desks, and chairs. You can also have a school lunch experience here.


Toy corner in the Showa era


You can play old-fashioned toys and video games from the Showa era in the living room on the second floor. There are other ping-pong tables, so why not play with friends and family?


Cotton candy machine


Automatic cotton candy machine of the Showa era that actually operates. If you put 50 yen, the shark will fall, and then try to make a big cotton candy using disposable chopsticks!


Showa vending machine


Bottle vending machine that can still be used today. You can actually buy bottle cola, bottle fanta, bottle ginger ale, bottle HI-C orange. 150 yen per bottle


Ice sales in the Showa era


Nostalgic ~ Boobs ice (bonbon ice), pineapple ice, frozen cream puffs, etc. are sold in the freezer of the Showa era.


Selling sweets from the Showa period


Many snacks from the Showa period such as Hanagushi Castella, Moroccan yogurt and snacks are sold from 10 yen.


Smart ball experience


An entertainment game of the Showa era that hits the ball and plays like a bingo. You can play it for free, so why not try it?


Barber in the Showa era


Reproduces the barber shop from the Showa era. You can actually pick up tools that you no longer see.


Toy store in the Showa era


Toys from the Showa era display toys from those days, and you can actually touch them. There are also anime magazines and weekly comics that you can pick up and read. There is also a nostalgic candy shop game.


Salbobo love fortune


The Hida Takayama Retro Museum's specialty, Sarubobo Koi Omikuji (100 yen per time), whether Daikichi comes out or is bad depends on your luck. Please try the love fortune that is very popular with girls.


Clinic in Showa period


Reproduced the clinics of the 20s and 30s of the Showa period. There are now very rare and rare specimens, and valuable medicines are on display. You can actually touch hospital tools.


Print birthday newspaper


You can print the newspaper of the day you were born (daily newspaper) in A3 size. You can specify the date you like and choose one side or the TV column. Very popular as a souvenir! 400 yen once


Showa townscape


There are toy stores, electric stores, barbers, etc. on the streets of Showa, and the old streets such as roof tiles and telephone poles are reproduced.


Electric Store


At the electrical shop, you can see the electrical appliances used at the time, such as TVs, radios, cameras, electrical anchors and time recorders.




A very valuable tube jukebox. You can listen to the record for 100 yen, and you can see the record change by opening the lid.


Figure corner


A lot of precious soft vinyl from that time is on display. There are also valuable figures such as those from the Ultra series and the Kamen series.


Air hockey

Old air hockey. If you put 100 yen, a round disk-shaped sphere will appear, so you can play it by putting it in a goal like soccer. Which will win in 60 seconds!


Tin toys

In the tin toy corner, very rare tin toys from the 1950s are on display.


Showa play square

Super bowl scoop that can be played for free,Showa's playground for yo-yo balloon fishing is here!For take-out, 3 super balls for 50 yen.You can take home for 50 yen per yo-yo balloon.If you just play, you can play for free only once per person


Showa toys

Many toys such as Tamagotchi and Rika-chan, such as toys and cartas that caused the boom at that time, are on display.


Class B gourmet school lunch experience!

School lunch experience

11:00-15:00 (School lunch hours)

Open all year round!

At the elementary school booth where you can experience school meals in the Showa era, you can experience school meals such as nostalgic soft noodles and fried bread.
* The contents of the set may change depending on the ingredients of the day.

School lunch set: 980 yen
∟Soft noodles, deep-fried bread, today's deep-fried food, whale bacon, salad, milk, magic powder, Showa era sweets
School lunch 3-piece set: 750 yen
∟Soft noodles, fried bread, milk + mil make
Soft noodle separately: 480 yen
Fried bread separately: 280 yen
Single item of fried whale: 600 yen
Hida milk + magic powder: 250 yen

* If you cannot drink milk, you can change it to tea, bottle cola, bottle HI-C orange, etc.
* Fried bread can be selected with sugar or kinako.
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School lunch image

School booth


An elementary school in the Showa era where you can experience school meals. Please clean up your pencil case and notebook on your desk! You can rearrange the desk as you like!


School lunch set


A school lunch set of 980 yen is enough for an adult man to fill his stomach. 750 yen 3-piece set is recommended for women and children!


Lots of fried food


The fried food in the lunch set changes daily. Deep-fried shrimp, shrimp, ham cutlet, fried chicken, etc. will appear! Depending on the arrival, whale bacon is also included.


Fried whale


It is fried from a whale with few people now. We use whale meat soaked in our original sauce for several days.


Memories of everyone

Visitor's voice

The toys on the second floor were fun

Mr. Yusuke / 6 years old

It was fun to play video games on the second floor and to play with my sister with the toy that I saw for the first time. I also tried to make cotton candy, but I couldn't make it well, so I want to try again! When I come to Takayama, I will come back with my dad.


I missed school lunch

Ms. Yumiko / 48 years old

I didn't expect the school lunch I ate when I was an elementary school student to come to Takayama. There seems to be no soft noodles when I was a master, but there are differences depending on the region. The fried bread was hot and the magic powder was delicious.


Enjoyed nostalgic things

Mr. Kenji / 56 years old

It was good to be able to play invaders and Pac-Man who played as a child for free. It was also surprising that there were valuable head-on and QIX. Pachinko was a precious experience to be able to play with pachinko at that time, which can not be seen now, such as pop culture that was addicted to the one-shot stand and the crucible.


What kind of museum?

Retro Museum is such a museum

It ’s not interesting to come alone

The Hida Takayama Retro Museum is a place where you can play and experience together with multiple people and families, such as playing with toys from the Showa era and games from the Showa era, and taking instagram photos together. Even if you come alone, it's not fun at all because it ends with just watching it. Please come with your family and friends.


School lunch is not a gourmet

You can eat soft noodles, deep-fried bread, and whale Tatsuta fried in elementary school days, but unlike gourmets such as the old streets of Takayama city, they are served with ingredients at that time and cooking methods at that time So it's never delicious. Please enjoy the nostalgic school lunch while eating in the elementary school and remembering the time.


Enjoy a wide range of generations

Elderly people look around at the old Showa items, fathers and mothers eat school lunches, enjoy toys, games and pachinko that they played as a child, young people are Instagram photos You can take pictures, play with toys that have never been touched or seen by young children, try to make cotton candy, and enjoy it for young children to the elderly.


Access / Business hours / Charges

User guide

9:30-17:30 (ends 17:00 from December to February)

Open all year round!

If you re-present your entry receipt, you can re-enter as many times as you like on the day.
Last entry is 30 minutes before the end. School meals are open from 11:00 to 15:00.
Business hours are subject to change.

Adult admission fee: 700 yen
Child admission fee: 500 yen
Adult entrance fee for people with disabilities: 600 yen
Children with disabilities entrance fee: 400 yen
Group adult admission fee: 500 yen * 20 people ~
Group child admission fee: 300 yen * 20 people ~
* Admission free for infants under 3 years old


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Notes in the hall


・ Because the hall is very small, please be careful about overhead.
・ We are not responsible for any incidents or accidents in the museum.
・ Self-taking tripods for smartphones are available in the hall.
・ Free Wi-Fi is available. Please use SNS etc. using Wi-Fi
・ Candies, drinks and ice cream purchased at the store can be brought into the building.
・ It is not possible to bring food and drink purchased outside.
・ You can shoot in the hall, but please refrain from uploading SNS such as characters.
・ Please do not take away or move exhibits.
・ You can touch toys freely, but in case of damage, you may be reimbursed.
・ There is no parking lot. Please use nearby Shinmei parking lot and Nakahashi parking lot (charges apply)

Pet admission is OK
* You cannot enter elementary school during school hours

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